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Failure Is Just The Start

There are many ‘feel-good’ sayings about failure, which most of us take with a grain of salt because no one really likes failing. But in business, leaders need to pay far more attention to their business’s attitude toward failure than…

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Name The Mavericks In Your Business

Richard Shrapnel's 'Name The Mavericks In Your Business'.

Most successful businesses are created through the unorthodox. Their founders discover an unmet need and a way to fulfil it that delivers more value than anyone else can. Their business is seeded, grows, becomes hugely successful, and then begins to…

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Working with The Best

Richard Shrapnel - 'Working With The Best'

Would you like to work in a business where you can thrive? To bring your best to the table every day, working beside the best, and finishing each day knowing your contribution is meaningful? If you do, then seek out…

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Supporting The Creative Champions In Your Business

Richard Shrapnel - 'Supporting The Creative Champions In Your Business'.

Review, Focus, Reset During the months of December and January, Compete Weekly will present a selection of nine key thought pieces from the 2017 series that will help you focus and reset for 2018.    Article Six – Collaborate Or Create – It’s…

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