Supporting The Creative Champions In Your Business

Richard Shrapnel - 'Supporting The Creative Champions In Your Business'.

Review, Focus, Reset

During the months of December and January, Compete Weekly will present a selection of nine key thought pieces from the 2017 series that will help you focus and reset for 2018. 


Article Six – Collaborate Or Create – It’s Your Choice

Creativity is a key competitive trait for any business and leadership’s challenge is to discover the ways in which their business can be creative.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to creativity.

As a business leader, how do you lead your business to deliver more customer value than anyone else in your market? You can’t just follow everyone else. You need to step out and do something that no one else is doing. And you need to do it in a way that lifts your strengths to the forefront. 

Do you need to focus deeply? Do you collaborate widely? Or do you recruit specialists? Current thinking is none of these approaches will deliver the level of creativity required in your business to outcompete the market.

Creativity requires a passion for learning, exploring and a humility, which allows open thinking. These are traits held by individuals, not teams.

Is there a right approach to building creativity in your business and staying ahead? Yes, there is.

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