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Conditioning Yourself To Succeed

'Conditioning Yourself To Succeed' by Richard Shrapnel

Success is not something that just happens overnight. It requires focus, hard work and perseverance. And to succeed on an enduring basis requires a lot more than just that, it requires personal conditioning and the building of your Achiever Trait.…

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Collaborate Or Create – It’s Your Choice

'Collaborate Or Create – It’s Your Choice' by Richard Shrapnel

Creativity is a key competitive trait for any business and leadership’s challenge is to discover the ways in which their business can be creative. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to creativity but there is a right way to…

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‘Faith Is Spelt R-i-s-k’

'faith is spelt r-i-s-k' by Richard Shrapnel

‘Faith is spelt r-i-s-k’ is an expression you may have heard before, but probably not in the context of business. So, you ask, what has faith got to do with business? Leaders require faith in their businesses, most importantly in…

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Innovate or Disrupt, Which Is Better?

Disrupt or Innovate by Richard Shrapnel

In leading your business forward should you be focusing on disruption, innovation, creating your own ‘blue ocean’ or does the answer lie in new business models? There is a lot of language and noise in the marketplace directing leaders as to…

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