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Better Every Day – The Mantra For Continual Improvement

A personal and organisational trait of continual improvement is one of the essential foundations for achievement, competitiveness and success. ‘Better Every Day’ is a mantra worth adopting and instilling in all that you do, including leadership.   Active Knowledge Question:…

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The Power Of Encouragement In Your Business

As your business comes together again, encouragement will be one of the most important tools that you must bring to bear on every individual with and within it. It is a strength that must wash through your entire business from…

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Leadership and Employees

Leadership is all about trust and engagement. Being trusted to act in the interests of customers, employees and the community before profit. Being able to engage with everyone who works within and with your business in a manner that wins…

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Achieving The Audacious

Every business requires the audacious; persons who are willing to put it all on the line, to take those bold risks. Risks which can catapult your business into market positions you never thought possible. It takes a certain type of…

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Failure Is Just The Start

There are many ‘feel-good’ sayings about failure, which most of us take with a grain of salt because no one really likes failing. But in business, leaders need to pay far more attention to their business’s attitude toward failure than…

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