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What To Measure To Heighten Business Performance

Richard Shrapnel's 'What To Measure To Heighten Business Performance'.

Business leaders understand that what you measure is what you get and that poorly-set targets can result in disastrous outcomes through the behaviour they cause. High performance is only achieved by monitoring and guiding the right aspects of a business.…

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Achieving A Relentless Focus On The Customer

Richard Shrapnel's 'Achieving A Relentless Focus On The Customer'.

I don’t think you will find a CEO who wouldn’t say ‘the customer is our number one priority’. Yet very few businesses ever achieve a true customer focus, and this failing places a ceiling on their success.   Active Knowledge…

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Seeding Your Start-up With Competitiveness

Richard Shrapnel's 'Seeding Your Start-up With Competitiveness'.

The success of any business comes down to its ability to compete effectively in its market. But that competitiveness does not turn on the product or service that it sells but rather the competitive engine that is built within that…

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