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What Business Are You Really In?

It seems like a pretty simple question, but I can guarantee you that if you ask your leadership team and your employees ‘What business are we in?’, you will get all sorts of different answers, including ‘I don’t know’. And…

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Life, Leadership and Business.

Success in business starts with the individual and who they are as a person. For businesses to grow, they need to grow the individuals within that business to be worthy leaders. But this is not achieved through education or training…

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We Have No Choice

It’s a strange statement when you think about it, No Choice. What does it really mean, and as a leader, how would you respond if your team tabled a recommendation saying there was no choice? Of course, there is always…

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Can Your Business Concentrate?

The effectiveness of your business rests in its ability to concentrate. That ability to focus on what is most important is vital if your business is to outcompete others in its marketplace. But with all the noise that occurs in…

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