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Have You Called-Out To Your People?

Business ‘as usual’ is unlikely to create any earth-shattering results or break any records. There is, of course, the annual planning exercises, strategic and financial, that seek to set direction and focus but do they really inspire anyone? How do…

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What Does Your Business Thirst For?

Sustaining the competitive fitness of your business is a continuing effort. Never can you allow the investment into its competitiveness to falter. To ask what your business thirsts for is to ask what is lacking or missing that will allow…

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Sports Psychology, But For Businesses

Sports psychology can include many elements, but the outcome it seeks is to enhance the ability of an athlete/s to perform at their personal best every time they compete. And that personal best should be compounding. In business, our teams…

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Without Vision Strategy Goes Nowhere

Leadership can very quickly fall into the routine of annual strategic plans, mapping out the next growth steps and searching out increases in revenue and profit. But this limited view of strategy and mapping the future of the business can…

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