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Efficiency Created By The Prospect Of Profit.

I recently came across a quote by an economist that described anyone who did not appreciate how the pursuit of profit incentivised efficiency as being ‘economically illiterate’. A bit unreasonable to tag people as illiterate, but more importantly, a false…

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Age As An Indicator Of Performance

There is a general bias that exists when considering the relationship between a person’s age and their potential performance in a business. Age as an indicator of performance is a catch-all for a basket of traits, usually negative, that can…

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Fear As A Motivator In Business

Fear, whether recognised or not, is often the motivator of choice used in business to deliver performance. And while I do not doubt that it does deliver, I am also sure that it does not optimise the potential of any…

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Mental Toughness In Business

Winning in business requires capability and commitment. Capability is a skill that can be built, but it alone will not deliver the win. Mental toughness, the way people within your business think and act, is the factor that makes the…

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