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What Is Your Quest?

Great businesses are built through quests. Striving from one summit to another with a team wholly committed to that quest’s achievement. These quests are compelling and represent achievements that seem well beyond reach, and many times simply impossible, until the…

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Worthy Leadership Is Still A Mystery For Many

Recently, I have heard various commentators speaking about how leadership has changed in our new world and, therefore, leaders must update their leadership approach. And whilst there is no doubt that all leaders should continuously strive to strengthen their leadership,…

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The Art Of Wrestling In Leadership

In leadership, there are times when you struggle with what decision to make. You can wrestle with the options and possible implications for days, not knowing the right decision. And often make a decision that you are less than comfortable…

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Willpower – The Catalyst Of Achievement

As an individual and within a business, the presence and strength of willpower will determine the level of achievement and success. But very few people, including business leaders, reflect on the existence of willpower. If this invaluable resource is not…

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