Individual Success

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Who Has Your Back?

No matter who you may be or what role you play in a business, having a team that supports you as an individual makes all the difference. In fact, the more senior position you have, and the more people reporting…

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How Big Is Your Stick?

picture of dog with stick in its mouth.

No, it’s not a stick that you physically hit yourself or other people with. It is the stick that you measure yourself or your business against. It is a measure of performance, but it is a lot more. It is…

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Investing in You.

Your success as a leader and in life lies in your commitment and action in investing in yourself. But this is not about undertaking an MBA at an elite Business School or beating others in the next round of promotions.…

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An Anxious Business

Around the world, many businesses are now seeking to draw their people back into their physical offices while others are blending time in the office with working remotely. Whichever approach is adopted, anxiety will be present and will negatively impact…

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In What Do You Anchor Your Leadership?

A leader who has firmly anchored their leadership will be clear on the direction, way and destination they seek. They will be confident in their decisions whether they result in success or failure. And they will sleep well at night…

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