'One part thinking, one part doing.
Knowledge that drives action. Wisdom that inspires momentum.
My resources not only impart knowledge but provide a roadmap to action. They will become your critical resource.'

Individual Guides

  • Richard Shrapnels' book -'Compete - An Entirely New Level of Performance' cover image

    Compete – An Entirely New Level of Performance

    Compete – An Entirely New Level Of Performance sets a new standard for business performance. One not tied down by self-interest, politics and short-termism, but one which allows any business to unleash and reach its true potential. If you want your  business to outcompete everyone else in your chosen market, then Compete is your guide.

  • Richard Shrapnel's - 'Strategy Play - Crafting Undefeatable Business Strategies' guide front cover

    Strategy Play – Crafting Undefeatable Business Strategies

    Strategy Play – Crafting Undefeatable Business Strategies is an invaluable resource for any business leader who wants to create a great business with enduring profits and compounding capital value. This guide will provide you with the foundation to understand strategy, a detailed roadmap and workbook to craft your business strategy, and the tools to make sure it is delivered.

  • Richard Shrapnel's 'Transition - Orienteering The Lands of Succession' guide front cover

    Transition – Orienteering The Lands of Succession

    Transition – Orienteering The Lands of Succession represents global best practices in family business succession, that is, the compounding of wealth across generations.  It provides a detailed roadmap and guide of global best practices that will allow you to orienteer your way to great business succession outcomes for your individual family group.

  • Richard Shrapnel's 'C88:Leadership Performance - Applying The 88 Secrets Of Business Success' guide front cover

    C88 – Leadership Performance Guide and Journal

    C88 – Leadership Performance Guide and Journal is a guide that integrates leadership performance with the key drivers of a business’s success into a single resource. It will allow you to invest in your personal leadership capability while simultaneously taking your business’s performance to new heights.

  • Richard Shrapnel's 'Achieve - Creating A Life Of Enduring Success' guide front cover

    Achieve – Creating A Life of Enduring Success

    Achieve – Creating A Life of Enduring Success will show you how to build a life of enduring success. A life in which you continually grow and build from one success to another, in a never-ending journey of fulfilment. Success is the fuel of life, but it’s earned through hard work and not chance.

  • Going Broke Staying Sane

    This simple guide is for those in business who are confronted with the loss of their business in this season in which we are living. I hope it will support you to journey forward through this adversity and emerge more or less intact. There will be scars, that is the nature of adversity, but finding that solid footing again, scars and all, is what your goal should be.


Free Downloads

  • Richard Shrapnel's 'Leadership Talk - Great Leaders Building Great Businesses' guide front cover

    Leadership Talk – Great Leaders Building Great Businesses

    Leadership Talk – Great Leaders Building Great Businesses reflects upon the experiences of a range of Australia’s most successful business leaders. Their experiences contain a wealth of hard earned lessons, which we unpack and then ask what lessons they may carry for your businesses. Seventy-six pages including a benchmark survey against which you can measure your leadership skill.

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Bundled Sets

  • Personal Growth and Achievement Set

    If you want to generate an unstoppable energy in your life and throughout your business, if you want to achieve a life of enduring happiness for yourself and take your business to new heights, then this set will underpin your performance as an individual and a leader.

  • Creating And Executing Strategy Set

    Leading your team to develop a robust winning business strategy that will create direction, alignment and focus, if this is your goal, your challenge, then this set will anchor and guide you through all the steps to make this outcome a reality.

  • The Business Performance Set

    Exceptional business performance and winning business strategy founded in solid leadership. This should be the goal of every business and this set will provide the foundations and roadmap to bring it all about.

  • Building The Next Generation Family Business Set

    Great businesses are built to last a 100-years and more, and these businesses set the example that others seek to achieve. They don’t become great by accident but through purposeful intent and design. This set will allow you to build an enduring business that will continue to prosper for generations to come.

  • The Complete Set

    All the resources you need to guide and equip you on your journey of personal achievement and amazing business success, all in this one bundled set.


Future Titles

  • Richard Shrapnel's 'Achieving Real Growth' guide front cover

    Achieving Real Growth – Laying The Foundations for Enduring Growth

    ‘Achieving Real Growth – Laying The Foundations for Enduring Growth’ walks you through becoming purposely focused on customer value, exponentially expanding market share and capital value. No effort is wasted and failures and successes are invested in stepping the business closer to its customers and further away from its competitors.

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  • 'The Deliberate Family Business - Building A Business That Will Endure Over Generations' by Richard Shrapnel

    The Deliberate Family Business – Building A Business That Will Endure Over Generations

    ‘The Deliberate Family Business’ guides family business leaders on how to build an enduring business that will underpin family wealth. A business that can become a multi-generational business which can out-perform many of today’s best public companies. The most enduring businesses in our world are family businesses. These businesses are not accidental, they are deliberate family businesses.

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