Family Business Succession

'Orienteering Succession' is your roadmap to building a Deliberate Family Business which can endure and grow across generations.

Mentors, Coaches, Advisors #succession

When the next generation step into the business, and the intent is for them to one day take leadership, it is an essential investment to place worthy guides beside them as they journey forward.   Active Knowledge Question: Who do…

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Exit Stage Right – Legacy #succession

There are many ways that people view legacy. For some, it is important, and for others, they would say it’s not. It’s your footprint, what you are remembered for, and possibly not what you leave behind but what you create…

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Exit Stage Right – Options #succession

There are many options when it comes to your exit from your business. And which option is best for you should be drawn from the answer to two questions – what will underpin the business’s future success and what’s next…

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Exit Stage Right, But When? #succession

There will come a time at which it is appropriate for you to step away from your daily involvement in the business that has been a significant part of your life. Many would say that the proper time is when…

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