Family Business Succession

'Orienteering Succession' is your roadmap to building a Deliberate Family Business which can endure and grow across generations.

The ‘Merry Go Round’ Of Indecision #succession

Good family succession planning requires a lot of detailed work, strong communication, honest conversations, fairness, clear goals, robust process and ultimately decisions. Short-cuts, avoiding difficult conversations, weak compassion, self-interest and superficial work are some of the common failings. But the…

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Guarding Against Greed And Envy #succession

No matter how strong family ties maybe, in family business succession there is always the risk that family members will become envious of the position others have achieved, and envy and greed will become the monster devouring family harmony.  …

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The Empty Treasure Chest #succession

One of the most common barriers to effective succession is simply a lack of money. The family business does not have the financial capacity to support all the generations of a growing family. Not all businesses will yield the wealth…

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