Family Business Succession

'Orienteering Succession' is your roadmap to building a Deliberate Family Business which can endure and grow across generations.

What Difference Can You Make? #succession

Successful businesses are founded in meeting the needs of others in a way not presently met.  As you begin to look to growth in your family business and engage family members in this conversation and their roles in the business,…

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The Family Dinner Table #succession

Everyone in a family business understands the sacrifices they require and the impacts they can have on our partners and children through our absences and commitment to the business. But there is a pleasure and freedom that is experienced through…

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The Traits Of A Great Conversation #succession

In families and family businesses, the art of conversation is the cement of relationships and unity. It is about connection, empathy and engagement, leading to belonging and then contribution. Many of us are not good at meaningful conversations, but as…

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A Season For Conversations #succession

Over the next two months, families from around the world of varying cultures and faiths will be coming home in celebrations including Thanksgiving, Christmas and Chinese New Year. It is a season of reunion and the opportunity for conversations –…

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Growth: New Markets For The Kids #succession

The businesses that built the wealth of the family in the last generation will not be the same businesses that continue to develop that wealth in the next generation – markets evolve, opportunities come and go, and technology has its…

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