As A Speaker

Creating A Powerful Movement In Your Business


Richard – The Speaker

Richard has addressed audiences from global conferences to boardrooms in the fields of business strategy, growth, competitiveness, leadership, and family business succession.

These audiences have been diverse in age, nationality and profession at speaking engagements across Australia, China, Malaysia, Philippines, Panama, Singapore and the USA.

To date, his written works have been published in English, French, Korean, Russian and Spanish and applied in businesses around the world.

Richard notes:

‘What I have found across all these experiences is that a great speaker has the ability to engage with their audience with genuine passion, to connect heart and mind, to own their content. And has the ability to speak with a depth of authority on their topic, all whilst reading their audience well.’

Here is some of the feedback from his audiences:

  • ‘Dynamic, very passionate and knowledgeable.’
  • ‘Thought-provoking, intelligent and articulate.’
  • ‘Extremely compelling, enabling him to quickly engage audiences.’
  • ‘Particularly strong in leading audiences on a journey of discovery and reflection.’
  • ‘Speaks with authority and really owns his content.’

And if you want to gain a further insight into Richard’s work, then review some of his thought pieces as captured in ‘Compete Weekly’.


A Keynote Address

'Profit Is Not Our Motive - We're here to Compete' by Richard Shrapnel

The greatest fallacy of our time is that businesses exist to profit.

Make profit your motive and you will spend every day solving problems, fighting fires, and listening to everyone else’s complaints.

But understand how to make your business competitively fit and profit will be a natural outcome, and all the problems that a ‘profit-first’ motive creates will disappear.

Businesses are made to compete. Understand what that means, make that the motive of your business, and your business will never be the same.


As An Advisor

Pragmatic, Insightful and Inspiring

Richard’s approach is always pragmatic. He seeks to get to the heart of the matter quickly and bring clarity, insight and understanding.

He works with businesses and individuals across the fields of strategy, growth, competitiveness, and family business succession. He believes these are all interwoven with leadership.

Richard often creates tailored frameworks to guide analysis and discussion. And to allow action and momentum to be quickly built and maintained.

Richard undertakes a limited number of advisory roles, but would welcome your enquiry.

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