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Anchoring Business Culture

Culture is crafted to make your business who it uniquely needs to be to succeed and is never about self-interest, control or dollars.   Active Knowledge Question: What moulds the culture that exists within your business?   Can You Draw?…

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Anchoring Business Strategy

Progress is best built on strong foundations with a clear sight of the summit to be reached. But in today’s competitive marketplace where there are many distractions, multiple options and lots of noise, it is easy to become overwhelmed. Clarity,…

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Champions Of Success In Your Business

As a business leader, it is vital that you define success in your business and community so that it lifts the greatest capability of everyone to the forefront in enabling the business, and everyone working with it, to achieve their…

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Achieving The Audacious

Every business requires the audacious; persons who are willing to put it all on the line, to take those bold risks. Risks which can catapult your business into market positions you never thought possible. It takes a certain type of…

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Honesty – Does It Exist In Your Business?

The competitive fitness of any business is determined by the extent to which everyone leans into and contributes to its success. That requires commitment which can only be seeded through trust and engagement at all levels of a business. And…

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