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‘The Why’ to ‘A Purpose’

Purpose can be a powerful motivator if it is the right purpose.    Active Knowledge Question: Do you have a purpose for being in business that actually draws to the forefront the best everyone has to offer?   Reflection And…

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The Power Of Encouragement In Your Business

As your business comes together again, encouragement will be one of the most important tools that you must bring to bear on every individual with and within it. It is a strength that must wash through your entire business from…

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Building The Core Competitiveness Of Your Business

The competitiveness of your business is determined through the interaction of a range of agents that operate 24/7.365 with or without your influence. They set the ceiling and floor to your business’s performance and success. The strength of the core…

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What Will Be, The New Normal?

Strategy is about positioning yourself so that your strengths will allow you to win. But that also requires being able to see the dynamics within your market and recognising that position of strength. Coming out of this season of economic…

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What Are You Thinking In Your Business?

During this season of economic pause, keeping an eye on and having a clear sense of where your ‘business head’ is, is vital. What’s your ‘business head’? It’s how your leaders are thinking about and coping with this ‘pause’, and…

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