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One View – Board and Management

It’s not unusual for a disconnect to arise between a board and management team, typically caused when they do not share the same ‘one-view’ of their business. These disconnections can readily feed discontent and a break in communications impacting both…

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Testing Leaders

Richard Shrapnel's 'Testing Leaders'.

The number one success indicator for any business is the worthiness of its leaders. And when we come to select leaders, most will be decided upon by their experience, connections, compatibility and qualifications. But do these indicators correctly reflect their…

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Entrepreneurs & Profit

Richard Shrapnel's 'Entrepreneurs & Profit'.

I believe many people would connect entrepreneurs and profit in one thought. Entrepreneurship is about profit, and good entrepreneurs become wealthy through the many businesses that they seed and build. However, this connection of entrepreneurs and profit does not create…

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What Language Is Spoken In Your Business?

Richard Shrapnel's 'What Language Is Spoken In Your Business?'

You may not even be aware of it, but your business will have its own unique language. It may be a succinct language that strengthens connections and competitiveness or maybe a language which confuses and undermines performance. This language will…

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