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Vision and Culture – Partners In Success

Vision and culture are agents that leaders may use to supercharge their business and underpin its enduring success. Most leaders don’t appreciate the competitive strength that these two agents can bring to a business nor how they must be uniquely…

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Leadership and Employees

Leadership is all about trust and engagement. Being trusted to act in the interests of customers, employees and the community before profit. Being able to engage with everyone who works within and with your business in a manner that wins…

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Purpose, Motive and Profit

Purpose and motive are synonymous and in business, profit cannot fill either role. But many leaders believe profit is purpose and the sole motive anyone may need. Such an approach only limits and restricts the potential of any business.  …

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Time For A New CEO?

The decision to seek a new CEO often seems misconceived and possibly not in the best interests of the business. But this is not necessarily the fault of the decision-makers, rather it lies in the way we have come to…

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