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Trapped In The Past And No Future

Richard Shrapnel's 'Trapped In The Past And No Future'.

When you have no vision for the future, you will turn back to your past. And in business, living in the past is a sure road to failure. But crafting your future as a continuously evolving journey will ensure you…

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Stepping Over The Edge, Again.

Richard Shrapnel's 'Stepping Over The Edge, Again.'

In business, as a leader, risk is something you must embrace if you are to grow your business and succeed. But you cannot walk this path alone, and you need everyone else in your business also to be comfortable with…

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The Nine Sides Of Robust Organisations

Richard Shrapnel's 'The Nine Sides To Robust Organisations'.

As a business leader, constantly crafting an organisation that can thrive in the most competitive environments is a prime task. However, in shaping your organisation, you must ensure that you are building the traits that will endure, compound and enable…

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