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What Business Are You Really In?

It seems like a pretty simple question, but I can guarantee you that if you ask your leadership team and your employees ‘What business are we in?’, you will get all sorts of different answers, including ‘I don’t know’. And…

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Life, Leadership and Business.

Success in business starts with the individual and who they are as a person. For businesses to grow, they need to grow the individuals within that business to be worthy leaders. But this is not achieved through education or training…

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Nine Actions For Better Decisions In Business

How decisions are made in your business will make a vital difference to its performance. But the decision-making process is typically left in the hands of the individual no matter what position they may hold in the organisation. There is,…

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The Board Chair and Strategy

The ability of a Board to make an invaluable contribution in the development of strategy lies principally in the hands of the Chair and how they guide the conversations. Boards have a vital role in validating and enhancing a business’s…

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Where’s Your Energy?

Some businesses and people seem to have an unlimited amount of energy and are always exploring and growing. Others struggle to get through a day. Energy is internally generated, and no matter how hard you push from the outside, internal…

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