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Facilitating A Strategy Workshop

Being able to guide a team of people forward in an effective discussion to craft strategy is no simple task. There are many challenges and traps to be recognised. And while most obstacles will hopefully be managed and avoided, there…

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Fear As A Motivator In Business

Fear, whether recognised or not, is often the motivator of choice used in business to deliver performance. And while I do not doubt that it does deliver, I am also sure that it does not optimise the potential of any…

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Mental Toughness In Business

Winning in business requires capability and commitment. Capability is a skill that can be built, but it alone will not deliver the win. Mental toughness, the way people within your business think and act, is the factor that makes the…

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Presence Is More Important Than Profit

When we think about performance in business, our minds typically turn to profit. Profit is the catch-all indicator of business performance. But it’s a poor indicator and actually doesn’t help us grow our business nor its profit.   Active Knowledge…

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