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The Changing Role of The Chief Strategy Officer

Richard Shrapnel's 'The Changing Role of The Chief Strategy Officer'.

Strategic thinking is as old as the beginning of time. Strategic management, the business discipline, however, is less than sixty years old. And it is failing to maintain pace with the challenges of keeping businesses competitive in today’s marketplace.  …

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How To Plan 100 Years Ahead

Richard Shrapnel's 'Business Strategy And How To Plan 100 Years Ahead'.

It’s pretty much unheard of in the business world today, but in setting your business up to win you should cast your eyes forward one hundred years.     Active Knowledge Questions: When you undertake strategic planning for your business, how…

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A Board’s Role In Crafting Strategy

Richard Shrapnel's

The chairs of some boards like to take a very hands-on approach in developing the business strategy for a company, whilst others see it as a task for the CEO and their team. Is there a best practices model for…

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Strategy – Is It About The What, How Or Why?

So you’ve cycled through the strategic planning exercise again, but have you paused to consider what this process should produce to drive the success of your business?   Active Knowledge Question: When was the last time you considered the value…

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