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Worthy Leadership Is Still A Mystery For Many

Recently, I have heard various commentators speaking about how leadership has changed in our new world and, therefore, leaders must update their leadership approach. And whilst there is no doubt that all leaders should continuously strive to strengthen their leadership,…

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Purpose Is The Window To Opportunity

a picture of a pair of glasses

A well-crafted strategy will always seed growth, but growth for the sake of growth is rarely strategic and often a distraction and waste of resources. Purpose is a lens through which strategy may search for growth opportunities that will compound…

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The Shift to Being Truly Customer Centric

A customer-centric business places the customer, and their needs at its centre and everything else then orientates to this view. Unfortunately, many businesses speak of being customer-centric, but very few indeed are, and this failure limits their potential success.   …

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Strategy – Create, Structure, Deliver.

One of the most powerful tools that leaders possess that enables performance and underpins the future success of their business is their approach to developing their business’s strategy. Few realise the potential of strategy to engage and motivate their entire…

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