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Positioning To Win

Positioning to win is about gaining an overwhelming advantage, but gaining an advantage around what? Around the value, you deliver to your customers to the extent that no one else can come close to matching the value you deliver. Outcompeting…

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Is That Really Strategy?

What does strategy look like, and will you know it when you see it? This question may seem a bit odd given that every business leader is responsible for ensuring the right strategies are in place in their business. But…

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A Customer Value To Outcompete All Others

Markets are won or lost, and great businesses are built, on the value a business can deliver to its customers. A value delivered in meeting the needs of its customers, today and tomorrow, that outstrips the value anyone else can…

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Anchoring Business Strategy

Progress is best built on strong foundations with a clear sight of the summit to be reached. But in today’s competitive marketplace where there are many distractions, multiple options and lots of noise, it is easy to become overwhelmed. Clarity,…

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Facilitating A Strategy Workshop

Being able to guide a team of people forward in an effective discussion to craft strategy is no simple task. There are many challenges and traps to be recognised. And while most obstacles will hopefully be managed and avoided, there…

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