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Strategy Play – Crafting Undefeatable Business Strategies

Strategy Play is an invaluable resource for any business leader who wants to create a great business with enduring profits and compounding capital value. This guide will provide you with the foundation to understand strategy, a detailed roadmap and workbook to craft your strategy, and the tools to make sure it is delivered.

Richard Shrapnel's - 'Strategy Play - Crafting Undefeatable Business Strategies' guide front cover

This Guide

Your Strategy Play guide commences by establishing the right foundation for strategy in your business and makes sure all your leadership team are on the same, and right page, when it comes to the importance of strategy to the success of your business. This foundation is so critical to effective leadership in your business, and is often where businesses fail without even recognising it.

Your guide continues with the history of your business and its impact of strategy, an analysis of the market you have chosen to compete in, reviews your competitors’ offerings, strengths and weaknesses, lifts your strengths to the surface and allows you to correctly position yourself to win.

It doesn’t stop there, it then leads you to design and craft the organisation that will deliver your strategy.  And tests your competitive strategy against future scenarios, supporting the creation of simple guiding principles to ensure everyone in your business is focused on success.

Financial viability and risk mitigation is then tested. And of course, strategy is nothing without delivery, so you will then be lead through the development of an effective implementation plan and create a goal achievement plan to make sure it all happens.

Strategy Play will lead you step by step through the crafting of your undefeatable strategy providing context, clear explanations and posing the right questions for you to build the best possible strategy for your individual business.

Act Now

No matter how large or small your business, no matter how old or new (or even if you haven’t started your business yet), Strategy Play will provide you with the understanding and insights to make it a great business. Buy it now and start developing your business strategy immediately. You will find yourself continually referring to it as a critical reference.

Buy Now – What You Receive

There are three options:

  1. Digital – download for immediate solutions.
  2. Printed – an amazing full-colour workbook on its way to you.
  3. Combined – immediate solutions and the full-colour workbook.

1.     Digital – immediate download and print your own copy.

A 200-page full-colour guide in PDF format, which you can immediately download to start your journey without a pause.

You will receive both a printable full-colour edition and a black and white edition. We recommend using the colour edition on your digital device and printing the black and white edition. This is a single user licence for one digital copy and one printed copy.

2.    Printed – full-colour spiral-bound workbook.

This right-sized workbook will allow you the convenience to craft and plan your future in an easy to carry and beautifully designed guide. It is also a perfect gift for anyone you want to encourage and support.

Delivery by international air-parcel postage, or domestic parcel post, from Australia.

3.    Combined – the best of both worlds, both the digital and printed editions.

Immediate download so you can start working within seconds of buying the guide. And the full-colour spiral-bound workbook, on its way within a day of your order. This option is truly the best of both worlds: digital and printed.


Note: all prices are in Australian dollars (AUD) and do not include GST or postage where applicable – these will be calculated at checkout.



Active Knowledge Guides

These guides are purposefully designed to create an informed roadmap to direct you to the heart of the matter quickly, and then act. They will:

  • Save you time.
  • Provide the knowledge you need.
  • Allow considered thought.
  • Deliver clarity.
  • Remove doubt.
  • Build confidence.
  • Initiate action.

Each guide is a crafted workbook developed to support you to take yourself and your business to greater heights.

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