Purpose, Motive and Profit

Purpose and motive are synonymous and in business, profit cannot fill either role. But many leaders believe profit is purpose and the sole motive anyone may need. Such an approach only limits and restricts the potential of any business.


Active Knowledge Questions:

  • What is the cornerstone that you laid for your business?
  • Do you pay attention to the motives that draw people to your business? Moreover, do you understand the impact that different motives will have on their performance?
  • What is the prime motive driving your business?


Optimising The Competitive Engine In Your Business:

Over this season of December 2019 and January 2020 we are revisiting the elements of the competitive engine that exists in every business and considering how that engine supports a CEO in their role of optimising the performance of their business. Six parts in this series and in each part, we will highlight three articles that focus on a different element of the competitive engine in your business.


Part 2 – Understanding The Role of Purpose and Motive

  1. What Cornerstone Have You Set For Your Business?

Most businesses are launched without much consideration to the cornerstone that is initially laid and from which the growing business will take its form. Moreover, as the years progress and the business journeys forward, many of the challenges it will face come directly from any weakness in this original cornerstone.

  1. What Do You Think Motivates Someone To Work In Your Business?

In motive lies strength but the wrong motive disperses and neutralises anyone’s real strength including that of your business.  What motivates someone to work in your business is critical to its performance.

  1. Why A Profit-First Motive Is Just Bad Business

We seem unable to break away from the profit-first motive that drives many businesses. It’s the accepted premise for the existence of a business, particularly public listed companies. But it’s a flawed model.


Businesses are built and endure upon the strength of their foundations. Those foundations are created out of purpose which seeds motive. Understand and follow this principle and you will lead a business that draws the combined talent and effort of everyone working within and with your business to make it the greatest it can be, and then some more.


An entirely new level of performance.

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