Purpose Is Discovered Through Leadership

Richard Shrapnel's 'Purpose Is Discovered Through Leadership'.

All leaders must be able to see the future of their business. A future founded in a customer need. There will be risk and it will require faith. Faith in their people and their leadership team. Faith that they and their leaders will put self-interest aside and will chart a course that will create and build an enduring great business.


Review, Reflect, Refocus – 2018/19

It is year’s end. A time during which many business leaders seek to close out the year well and turn their minds to the one ahead. It’s a period to review, reflect and refocus. 

Each year, ‘Compete Weekly’ selects a theme to support business leaders in this process and provides a series of articles to challenge and extend their thinking. In 2018/19, the theme is ‘If Not Profit, Then What?’  

Around the world, we have seen businesses and industries challenged by regulators and communities for their profit-first focus resulting in significant impacts on their market value. 

For all business leaders, the simple question then becomes one of ‘what do I then focus on to drive the performance of my business, if not profit?’



Summer Series No. 3/7

Three Selected Articles:


'Self-Interest - The Antithesis of Success' by Richard Shrapnel
‘Self-Interest – The Antithesis of Success’

Self-Interest Is The Antithesis Of Success

Self-interest is the one action that is most likely to undermine your success. In business, in leadership and, often in life, putting yourself first can be a dire mistake.






Active Knowledge Questions:

  • How do you view personal success?
  • Do you understand what drives each of the key people in your business?
  • What is the ‘right type’ of motivation to underpin success?



'The Physics Of Leadership' by Richard Shrapnel
‘The Physics Of Leadership’

The Physics of Leadership

Is someone who really wants to be a leader actually the wrong person for leadership because of that desire? Understanding the physics of leadership will provide the answer.





Active Knowledge Questions:

  • Where do you look in your business to find leaders? 
  • And how do you discern whether they are the best person for the role?



'Can You See What You Are Building' by Richard Shrapnel
‘The Power Of Seeing’ 

The Power Of Seeing

If an architect were to tell you they are designing what will become a global icon without any clear concept or image in their mind, you would think they are mad. But every day, business leaders seek to build great businesses without any image of what they are really trying to build in their mind.




Active Knowledge Questions:

  • Take a pencil in your hand now and sketch an image of the business you are seeking to build.
  • How clear is that image? 
  • And does everyone in your business share that same image?


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