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Every day, your business competes in its chosen market. Every day, there are new challenges to be met and overcome. Every day, there is a change occurring that must be taken advantage of. Every day, everyone must look to the future and say: where to next? Each and every day, everyone must be living the mantra ‘better every day’. How well your business does all of this depends on how competitively fit it is. So, how fit is your business?


Review, Reflect, Refocus – 2018/19

It is year’s end. A time during which many business leaders seek to close out the year well and turn their minds to the one ahead. It’s a period to review, reflect and refocus. 

Each year, ‘Compete Weekly’ selects a theme to support business leaders in this process and provides a series of articles to challenge and extend their thinking. In 2018/19, the theme is ‘If Not Profit, Then What?’  

Around the world, we have seen businesses and industries challenged by regulators and communities for their profit-first focus resulting in significant impacts on their market value. 

For all business leaders, the simple question then becomes one of ‘what do I then focus on to drive the performance of my business, if not profit?’


Summer Series No. 7/7

Three Selected Articles:


Richard Shrapnel's 'Is Your Business Competitively Fit?'
‘Is Your Business Competitively Fit?’.

Is Your Business Competitively Fit?

If you were asked to consider the ability of an athlete to successfully compete in an event, you would look to their current level of fitness as one indicator. Your business is no different. The likelihood of success in its chosen markets turns even more so on its level of competitive fitness.



Active Knowledge Question:

How would you measure the competitive fitness of your business?



Richard Shrapnel's 'What To Measure To Heighten Business Performance'.
‘What To Measure To Heighten Business Performance’.

What To Measure To Heighten Business Performance

Business leaders understand that what you measure is what you get and that poorly-set targets can result in disastrous outcomes through the behaviour they cause. High performance is only achieved by monitoring and guiding the right aspects of a business.



Active Knowledge Question:

Are you currently monitoring the right variables to support and lead your business to its highest levels of performance?



Richard Shrapnel's 'What’s The One Thing?'.
‘What’s The One Thing?’.

What’s The One Thing?

If you’re the CEO of a business, it’s likely your days are consumed with a multitude of meetings and tasks in trying to respond to everyone’s requests and keep everyone aligned and moving forward.  There has to be a better way to run a business. Do you know what it is?




Active Knowledge Question:

If you had the opportunity to focus on just one thing in your business, what would that be?



An entirely new level of performance.

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