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Conditioning for Transition in 2018

Family Business Succession is not a single event nor does it occur overnight. It requires preparation and conditioning before being attempted. During the months of December and January, Orienteering Succession will present nine key themes from the 2017 series that remind us of the conditioning required.

One – The Nature of Succession


You can almost be guaranteed that everyone in your family will think of succession differently and through their own lens. Building alignment across these variously-held views and establishing a common set of goals is the starting point of any succession journey.


These four short blogs will help you to build those connections:

Succession Means Mutual Commitment

How does your family view succession – obligation, entitlement or generational transition?


Family And Business Can’t Be Separated

What hopes, aspirations and dreams do you have for each of your children and what is your relationship like with each of them?


‘Why Don’t We Just Sell?’

Have you considered the impact of selling the family business well beyond just the immediate financial impact?


The Glue That Holds The Family Together

Families are families and businesses are businesses, but what is the glue that makes each successful and enduring?



Act Now To Ensure A Successful Transition

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All the best in your succession journey

Richard Shrapnel