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Often, the Land of Business is where the real wealth lies and where the most work is required to underpin the value of the business and, therefore, the wealth of the family. You must enter this land early and allow yourself the time to bring the business to the stage where it is ready for succession.  Whether you intend to sell the business to third parties or transition it along the family lines, the task of preparing the business for transition is the same. Continuity and value are the cornerstones of wealth in business succession.


Conditioning For Transition In 2019

Family business succession is not a single event, nor does it occur overnight. It requires preparation and conditioning before being commenced. During the months of December and January, ‘Orienteering Succession’ will revisit the journey of succession and each of the lands that will need to be crossed.


Summer Series – No. 6/7

Three Selected Articles:


The Family Business, A Great Legacy #succession

One of the greatest legacies you can leave to the next generation of your family is an enduring business you have built over your lifetime and can transition.

Active Knowledge Question:

Have you asked your family whether they would like to be part of the business?


Sometimes Families Break Up Their Business #succession

Families are families and, as they grow, sometimes they have a difference of opinion as to which way the business should go. This is not necessarily the end of the family business and may, in fact, seed new growth.

Active Knowledge Question:

Have you structured your business into separate business units, which will allow each to set its own path? 


Give Them Time To Grow #succession

The default position of many families today is to sell their business if none of their children display an interest or are ready to take over the business. This can be a fatal decision when considering the long-term welfare of the family.

Active Knowledge Question:

In your business’s succession, are you considering what is best for the long-term welfare of your family, as distinct from crystallising today’s wealth?


Exit Check:

Before you leave this Land of Business you must have:

  • Formed a view of whether your intent is to transition, retain or sell.
  • Developed a strategic business plan.
  • Assessed your leadership team for their suitability to deliver the strategic business plan and addressed any shortcomings.
  • Identified and listed out the capital value drivers of your business and developed a strategy to grow them.

An entirely new level of performance.

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All the best in the success of your business,

Richard Shrapnel