Competitiveness Is Anchored By Trust

Richard Shrapnel's 'Competitiveness Is Anchored By Trust'.

The competitiveness of any business rests in the sum of the effort and talent of all those who work within and with it. It does not matter what tangible or intangible assets they may own, without human interaction they are worthless. Trust is the activator of that effort and talent. But in what do they trust their leaders?


Review, Reflect, Refocus – 2018/19

It is year’s end. A time during which many business leaders seek to close out the year well and turn their minds to the one ahead. It’s a period to review, reflect and refocus. 

Each year, ‘Compete Weekly’ selects a theme to support business leaders in this process and provides a series of articles to challenge and extend their thinking. In 2018/19, the theme is ‘If Not Profit, Then What?’  

Around the world, we have seen businesses and industries challenged by regulators and communities for their profit-first focus resulting in significant impacts on their market value. 

For all business leaders, the simple question then becomes one of ‘what do I then focus on to drive the performance of my business, if not profit?’



Summer Series No. 5/7

Three Selected Articles:


Richard Shrapnel's 'In Our Business Leaders, We Trust?'.
‘In Our Business Leaders, We Trust?’.

In Our Business Leaders, We Trust?

Trust has always been important in business. But through the increasing prevalence of the profit-first motive, and the ways in which the internet and social media highlights events, it has become even more compelling. In what do we trust our business leaders, is now the pressing competitive issue for many businesses.



Active Knowledge Questions:

If you were to ask your customers, employees and suppliers, how much, and in what, do they trust you, what do you think their answers would be? And would that answer underpin or undermine the competitive fitness of your business?


Richard Shrapnel's 'The Three Stages Of Mastery and Success: How, Why and Who'.
‘The Three Stages Of Mastery and Success: How, Why and Who’.

The Three Stages Of Mastery and Success: How, Why and Who

In life and in business, you often start with understanding how to do something and then possibly progress to why it is important to do it that way and then stop. That’s where most people get to at best. But that is one stop short of actually knowing the most important lesson and that is who you need to be.



Active Knowledge Question:

If you were recruiting someone for a critical role in your business, what would be the most important thing you would look for in that person?


Richard Shrapnel - 'Working With The Best'
‘Working With The Best’

Working with The Best

Would you like to work in a business where you can thrive? To bring your best to the table every day, working beside the best, and finishing each day knowing your contribution is meaningful? If you do, then seek out a business that knows how to compete.




Active Knowledge Question:

As a business leader, are you able to attract and retain the best talent who work at their best, and that is simply who you are as a business?



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