Leadership and Employees

Leadership is all about trust and engagement. Being trusted to act in the interests of customers, employees and the community before profit. Being able to engage with everyone who works within and with your business in a manner that wins their complete commitment. Such trust and engagement underpin the ability of any business to compete.


Active Knowledge Questions:

  • If you were to ask your customers, employees and suppliers, how much, and in what, do they trust you, what do you think their answers would be? And would that answer underpin or undermine the competitive fitness of your business?
  • Do you consider employees a cost centre, a resource or both?
  • Is your business a leader or a follower?


Optimising The Competitive Engine In Your Business:

Over this season of December 2019 and January 2020 we are revisiting the elements of the competitive engine that exists in every business and considering how that engine supports a CEO in their role of optimising the performance of their business. Six parts in this series and in each part, we will highlight three articles that focus on a different element of the competitive engine in your business.


Part 3 – Can You Bring To The Forefront The Best Your Business Is Able to Deliver, and then more?

  1. In Our Business Leaders, We Trust?

Trust has always been important in business. But through the increasing prevalence of the profit-first motive, and the ways in which the internet and social media highlights events, it has become even more compelling. In what do we trust our business leaders, is now the pressing competitive issue for many businesses.

  1. Mustering The Combined Talent And Effort Of Everyone In Your Business.

Your business is the sum of all the people who work within and with it. Its success rests with how well you engage with them to draw their combined talents and efforts to the forefront. Fail to do this well and your business will never achieve its potential.

  1. Stepping Over The Edge, Again.

In business, as a leader, risk is something you must embrace if you are to grow your business and succeed. But you cannot walk this path alone, and you need everyone else in your business also to be comfortable with taking risks. Building a courageous business rests with you as its leader.


Your business is nothing more than the sum of all the people who work within and with it. Its competitive success is derived from the combined strength of its people. Engage with them well and your business will be an outstanding success. But fail to build trust and engagement, and your business will never achieve its potential.


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