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We are now well into 2020, and everyone is back at work. Each and every year, you should deliberately invest in and grow the capability of your leadership team. And for those members of your family, you must be building their capability to lead the business, and the family, for when it will become their responsibility.


Active Knowledge Question:

Do have a written, communicated and funded plan to grow the leadership capability of your key family and non-family members?


Investing in leadership capability is not optional if you are serious about the future success of your business. Leadership skills, experience and confidence, take time to develop. Leadership is about knowing yourself well and from that foundation, knowing what it takes, and being able to, build the relationships that will be necessary for when you step into a leadership role.  

Bear in mind that key leadership roles will likely rest with both family and non-family members, and all prospective leaders should be developed.

Authority is not leadership, and simply giving someone authority will not support nor ensure the success of a business. Leadership is about being able to win the trust of those whom you are asking to follow you and then engage with them to lift-leverage their talents and efforts into the business. Relationships as a leader are about trust and engagement.

The competitiveness of your business resides in the combined effort and talent of everyone who works within and with your business. And it is the role of leaders to bring this effort-talent to the forefront. Any thoughts that people will do this because you pay them a wage should be released. In today’s competitive marketplace, you need to muster a lot more energy than a simple wage will generate.

And this is where supporting the growth of your potential future leaders through coaching becomes invaluable. You would not expect any serious athlete to become outstanding, a champion, without the support of one or more professional coaches guiding and encouraging them through their careers. Leadership is no different. 

The right coach will support your aspiring leaders to set a plan for their continuing growth and development, and will hold them accountable to that programme. They will support them in gaining greater insights into their personal character, passions, strengths and weaknesses. And to develop the traits and skills necessary to be a great leader.  

Great leaders are learners. They are always discovering new ideas, seeking to be challenged and searching out new heights to grow themselves and their businesses. If you have not done it already, invest in your leaders, including yourself.


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