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You will find you will need to develop a level of arrogance to sustain your efforts – not arrogance sustained by false or excessive pride, but arrogance built upon competence and capability.


Active Knowledge Question:

Do you have a clear image of the leadership journey you must undertake to continually lift yourself to a higher level?


In any business, but particularly family businesses, worthy leadership is a critical trait that underpins the success of the business. Why do I say ‘particularly in family businesses’? Because they are leaders, not only in the business but also in the family.

And their example is responsible for the crafting of the future leaders across generations.

As a business leader, the success of your business starts and finishes with your capability as a business leader. And the ceiling to your business’s success is the capability of your weakest leader.

If you are committed to making your business more successful every day, then you must invest in it every day. If that is to happen, then you must invest in you and your leadership team’s capability every day.

'Your Leadership Performance Journey' by Richard Shrapnel
extract from ‘C88 – Leadership Performance Guide and Journal’ by Richard Shrapnel


Do you have an effective action plan to identify growth areas in leadership performance that directly impacts your business’s success?

Every day as a leader you must be focused on improving your leadership in a way that sets new heights for the performance of your business.



Leadership is an art. As with any art, it requires the attaining and practice of basic skills over a lifetime. The more you learn and understand, the more you realise how much more you need to learn.

The start of the leadership journey is, therefore, to be willing to make the commitment to continually refine and improve your leadership. Because no matter how good you think you are, there is always another level you can take it to. Remember you are challenging your greatest competitor – yourself.


Quote to reflect on: ‘Read, listen and draw from a lot of people’ – Imelda Roche – founder of Nutrimetics

Next week’s leadership theme: ‘Finding The Right Business For You’.

An entirely new level of performance.

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Richard Shrapnel