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There are many ways that people view legacy. For some, it is important, and for others, they would say it’s not. It’s your footprint, what you are remembered for, and possibly not what you leave behind but what you create for the future.


Active Knowledge Question:

Do you ever think about what you would like to be remembered for?


For some, a legacy is very important, and they work hard to create and sustain that legacy. For others, the thought barely crosses their mind. But wherever you may sit in that range, I think we all at some time or another reflect on the footprint we may have left once we are no longer on this earth.

Legacies can come in all shapes and sizes and will be impacted by culture, family, life experiences, wealth, health, faith beliefs, personality, age, and many other factors. Just where you are in your life cycle will have a profound effect on the importance of legacy.

What some may consider a legacy, others would not. The way you define success will mould your attitude towards legacy and what you consider a legacy to be.

For those who have grandchildren, legacies often become more evident as they turn their minds to those grandchildren, their futures and the examples which have been set.

Legacies can often be founded in:

  • Gifts and donations that have seeded various charitable, health or educational activities.
  • Successful businesses that have built a reputation and continue beyond their founder’s time.
  • Technologies, innovations, discoveries, research that are tied to one’s name and life’s work.

But there are other aspects of one’s life in which many seek to build their legacies:

  • A family in which everyone is happy, healthy and independent.
  • Family harmony and support for each other.
  • A life lived full of adventures, friends and no regrets.
  • A life of service to others.
  • A life on which one can look back and smile.

There is no competition in legacies as everyone is different, and the only person who can take account is you.

But reflecting on the question of what you would like to be remembered for is worthy of some of your time as there will come a point in which it will be important to you.


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