Individual Success

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‘The Why’ to ‘A Purpose’

Purpose can be a powerful motivator if it is the right purpose.    Active Knowledge Question: Do you have a purpose for being in business that actually draws to the forefront the best everyone has to offer?   Reflection And…

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Profitable and Enduring Partnerships

In our businesses, our work and our life, we form many partnerships to achieve outcomes and goals. Some are more formal partnerships than others, but they all represent elements in achieving success. We often don’t give much thought to what…

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So What Will Stop You?

At the start of a new year, and decade, as you look forward, you will likely want to change a few things and achieve a lot more in your business. And as your visions take shape and plans are developed,…

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Who Are You?

Impactful and successful lives and businesses are built on strong foundations. These foundations must be resilient and capable of weathering the wear and tear of life and business. Purpose, values and principles are the foundations of our lives and the…

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