Family Business Succession

'Orienteering Succession' is your roadmap to building a Deliberate Family Business which can endure and grow across generations.

Fairness: Equality Is Not Equal #succession

One of the most challenging aspects of succession can be achieving what you, and others, consider to be a fair allocation of wealth and control across family members. Your goal must always be, to ensure that not only is fairness achieved…

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You, As The Example #succession

Have you noticed how children mirror the language, mannerisms and actions of those around them and in particular their parents, grandparents and siblings? Sometimes, it’s easier to see these mannerisms in other families than your own. And in your business,…

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Establishing Commitment #succession

A family business will only endure and be successful if there exists a commitment from family members to lean into that business and give it their all. Whether they directly work within that business or are just part of the…

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