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Richard Shrapnel's Orienteering Succession blog

Leadership should never be viewed as authority but rather as responsibility. Responsibility not only to make decisions but responsibility for the welfare of all those who work within and with your business.    Active Knowledge Question: How do you view…

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Efficiency Created By The Prospect Of Profit.

I recently came across a quote by an economist that described anyone who did not appreciate how the pursuit of profit incentivised efficiency as being ‘economically illiterate’. A bit unreasonable to tag people as illiterate, but more importantly, a false…

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Facilitating A Strategy Workshop

Being able to guide a team of people forward in an effective discussion to craft strategy is no simple task. There are many challenges and traps to be recognised. And while most obstacles will hopefully be managed and avoided, there…

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Age As An Indicator Of Performance

There is a general bias that exists when considering the relationship between a person’s age and their potential performance in a business. Age as an indicator of performance is a catch-all for a basket of traits, usually negative, that can…

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