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Rewards: The Fuel Of Your Business’s Success

Richard Shrapnel's 'Rewards: The Fuel Of Your Business’s Success'.

The rewards structure in your business is the fuel that will either uplift your performance or shut it down.   Active Knowledge Questions: How do you view the rewards structure in your business? Is it designed simply to be competitive…

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Competitiveness Through Employees #succession

Richard Shrapnel's Orienteering Succession blog

Your business is nothing more than the sum of all the people who work within and with it. Its competitive success is derived from the combined strength of its people. Your approach should be competitiveness through employees by building trust and…

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Three Barriers That Hold Back Business Success

Richard Shrapnel's

Often, the floodgates to success can be opened not by pushing harder but by stepping back and removing the barriers that are holding success in abeyance. However, this requires that you know where those barriers may exist.   Active Knowledge…

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