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Leading From The Centre

Worthy leadership is the most critical determinant of competitiveness and, therefore, the success of your business. Everything flows from leadership but note the emphasis on ‘worthy’. Businesses don’t fail; their leaders do. Therefore, the ceiling to the success of your…

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The Three Engines Of Success

Internal engines exist that enable and drive success for individuals, leaders and businesses. Awareness and focus on these engines will deliver far greater and enduring results than would otherwise be achieved or possible.    Over this season of December 2021…

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The Power Of Supporting Others

There is a strength, sometimes not understood, to be gained in actively supporting others to achieve success in their lives. We are often more bound to deliver personal achievement, and selfishness or self-interest can arise. Fundamental to personal achievement is…

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So, What About 2022?

As we head toward the end of this year, our minds should be turning towards next year and the opportunity to re-establish purpose, vision and focus. Of course, this opportunity exists throughout the year, but we tend to draw hard…

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The Right Person At The Right Time

Change is continuous, but growth is always optional as you can choose to ignore what is happening around you. Unfortunately, many people do tend to resist or ignore change. In business, this can be fatal as suddenly you discover that…

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