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Time For A New CEO?

The decision to seek a new CEO often seems misconceived and possibly not in the best interests of the business. But this is not necessarily the fault of the decision-makers, rather it lies in the way we have come to…

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Who Are You?

Impactful and successful lives and businesses are built on strong foundations. These foundations must be resilient and capable of weathering the wear and tear of life and business. Purpose, values and principles are the foundations of our lives and the…

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Improving Human Performance

In business, we should seek to create an environment which enables everyone to work at their best. Often, I think we accept average as the norm because well, that’s what average is. But great businesses are not built on average…

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Anchoring Business Culture

Culture is crafted to make your business who it uniquely needs to be to succeed and is never about self-interest, control or dollars.   Active Knowledge Question: What moulds the culture that exists within your business?   Can You Draw?…

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