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Presence Is More Important Than Profit

When we think about performance in business, our minds typically turn to profit. Profit is the catch-all indicator of business performance. But it’s a poor indicator and actually doesn’t help us grow our business nor its profit.   Active Knowledge…

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Failure Is Just The Start

There are many ‘feel-good’ sayings about failure, which most of us take with a grain of salt because no one really likes failing. But in business, leaders need to pay far more attention to their business’s attitude toward failure than…

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Changing Business Culture – Overnight.

Many businesses in our corporate world say they need, want, to change their business culture. They talk in terms of how many years, five or ten, it will take to shift their existing culture. It can, of course, change overnight.…

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What Cornerstone Have You Set For Your Business?

Most businesses are launched without much consideration to the cornerstone that is initially laid and from which the growing business will take its form. Moreover, as the years progress and the business journeys forward, many of the challenges it will…

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One View – Board and Management

It’s not unusual for a disconnect to arise between a board and management team, typically caused when they do not share the same ‘one-view’ of their business. These disconnections can readily feed discontent and a break in communications impacting both…

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