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So, What About 2022?

As we head toward the end of this year, our minds should be turning towards next year and the opportunity to re-establish purpose, vision and focus. Of course, this opportunity exists throughout the year, but we tend to draw hard…

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The Right Person At The Right Time

Change is continuous, but growth is always optional as you can choose to ignore what is happening around you. Unfortunately, many people do tend to resist or ignore change. In business, this can be fatal as suddenly you discover that…

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A CEO’s Biggest Challenge

The list of challenges that a CEO must address as they head into 2022 is steadily growing. It spans climate change, equality, workforce, supply chain, AI and many other urgent items, including increasing profit. And as this list begins to…

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What A Difference Success Makes

Success is a renewable resource, a fuel that energises and enlivens us. It is an enabler of potential, drawing our best to the forefront. But it is not external; it comes from within and is the reward for our hard…

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Expectations For Your Business

As this year closes out and the following year begins to emerge, what are your expectations for your business? The last two years have been one of challenge and uncertainty on many fronts, no matter what business you may have…

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