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Talk Is Easy; Courage Is Much Harder

In business, and in life, talk is easy but setting principles by which you lead your business, and your life, requires courage. Because one day, those principles will be tested and then everyone, including you, will know whether you and…

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‘Rallying The Troops’ Around Your Business

As the economic-pause that businesses around the world are experiencing continues, with no clear end in sight, the ability of your leadership team to ‘rally the troops’ around the business will become even more vital. What’s your plan?   Active…

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Career Disruption

Along with the many businesses that are having to discover a new way forward in this period of economic-pause, so too are many people at all levels of these businesses having to start again. Great ambitions and plans as we…

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A Leader Who Can Deliver – Part Two

There is an enormous difference between leaders who can deliver and leaders who can only hope someone else will deliver for them. Leaders who can deliver do not carry the task by themselves, but they know how to recognise, recruit…

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