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Against Whom Do We Compete In Business?

Richard Shrapnel's 'Against Whom Do We Compete In Business?'.

Many business leaders do not have a handle on how their businesses compete and in fact, are not comfortable with the frame of competing when it comes to leading their business.  However, every moment of everyday every business, whether for-profit…

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The Accidental Family Business #succession

Richard Shrapnel's Orienteering Succession blog

Most family businesses that continue to operate within the family past the first generation do so by accident rather than intent. It just happens without much thought or consideration. And it’s their accidental nature that eventually catches up with them and…

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My Business Can Be All Things

Richard Shrapnels' 'My Business Can Be All Things'.

To compete effectively in business usually requires that you can do many things well. But, there will always be ‘one thing’ that you must truly excel at. However, more often than not, the culture that is required to uplift that…

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