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It Starts With A Purpose

Richard Shrapnel's 'It Starts With A Purpose'.

All businesses commence with a purpose and rarely is that purpose to become wealthy. Businesses are typically formed to meet a customer need – an opportunity that the founder believes will provide the cornerstone for a great business. But as the business grows…

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Before Your Journey Commences #succession

Richard Shrapnel's Orienteering Succession blog

Some people just like to venture out and see where their journey may take them. But when it comes to family business succession and your most valuable asset – your family business and life’s work – I would recommend that…

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If Not Profit, Then What?

Richard Shrapnel's 'If Not Profit, Then What?'.

A focus on profit can often lead to short-term gains and material long-term losses in market value. Business leaders around the world have led their businesses to maximise shareholder returns to only discover that regulators and communities have moved against…

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