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How Do You Energise Your Business?

Richard Shrapnel's 'How Do You Energise Your Business?'

Everyone has experienced the struggles of falling out of bed early in the morning and getting themselves off to work. Many of us have built habits to overcome these hurdles and get ourselves up and going. But what about your…

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A Leader’s Most Important Task

Richard Shrapnel's 'A Leader’s Most Important Task'.

Leadership can be simple and empowering or overwhelming and confusing. Today, there are so many directives on what a leader should do and how they should act that it’s easy to be confused. To be effective and cut through all…

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Success Should Never Be A Solo Journey

Richard Shrapnel's 'Success Should Never Be A Solo Journey'.

You will accomplish your greatest potential and successes if you invite others on your quest to achieve all you can in life. The key, however, is to make sure they are the right people in the right roles.   Active…

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