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Going Broke Staying Sane (Online Course)

Strategies for when things don't go as expected in business.

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Your Journey

This course is for those in business who are confronted with the loss of their business in this season in which we are living. It will support you to journey forward through this adversity and emerge more or less intact. There will be scars, that is the nature of adversity, but finding that solid footing again, scars and all, is what your goal should be.

No one has experienced what is presently occurring in our communities, our businesses and around the world. But adversity is not new, and many of us have been challenged in our lives and our businesses in all sorts of ways.

What has worked and has not worked in overcoming adversity and challenges is our reference point. And this reference point can provide an anchor and a pathway forward to those who may need it and those who are seeking to support others.

There are simple guiding principles that will anchor you in a position of stability and thereafter strengthen and enable you to plot the safest and most effective path forward. They are common sense, but that does not mean that in times of adversity that they will be to the forefront of your thinking, nor easy to sustain.

This course will lead you through these simple guiding principles and support you in applying them.

Preparation and Focus

Be very clear with yourself, there is a journey that you are about to embark on as you confront the business challenges that this season is presenting.

You will need to fight and draw upon all your resources and strength in this journey as you travel forward to find a solid landing and foundation for your business – a landing upon which you can rebuild your business.

This journey requires preparation, planning and focused execution to be successful. You cannot allow yourself to become weakened on this journey or you will be in even greater jeopardy.

We Will Be Your Champion

Strength through unity and humility should be your mantra. Do not try to undertake the journey of closing down all or parts of your business and then restarting by yourself.

Don’t be foolish nor prideful, reach out to others for support and offer to help those who you see and know are struggling. There is a strength when people come together in support of each other – leverage that strength.

The role of your champions is to support you, and your role is to allow them to do this. And this is where humility plays such an important part.

Getting The Most Out Of This Course

This course is structured to lead you through seven principles that will support and enable you to overcome the adversity that you may be facing from the impact of COVID19 lockdowns on your business and life, and to rebuild.

I would recommend that you start at the beginning of the curriculum and work your way through in order, and not skip or jump backwards and forwards.

The courses commences with two important sections:

  • Start Here: explains the structure of the course and also sets a perspective of what is happening to businesses around the world.
  • Introduction: explains how you should approach working through the material to gain the most benefit and then introduces you to the seven principles.

You will also find a pdf copy of the printed guide, Going Broke Staying Sane, in the Introduction section which I recommend you download and print in A4 size and use it as a workbook to write in your notes and actions. The section ‘Active Resource’ in the Introduction will explain the importance of writing.

The course then moves into reviewing and explaining each of the seven principles and contains various activities and exercises you will need to undertake. Some, such as gathering financial information, may take some time but it’s important that you do complete these tasks as you cannot get the benefit of subsequent principles if you leave sections incomplete.

Each section consists of an audio and transcript so you may listen while reading through the text.

The course closes out with a Chapter titled ‘Your Journey’, which guides you in pulling everything together but also contains three other sections:

  • What Is Success?: which discusses the vital importance of defining what success means to you and being able to create a life of enduring success.
  • Achiever Trait: which introduces you to those traits that will underpin success in your life.
  • Ongoing Support: which provides you with a QR code to sign up to receive free of charge for 90 days a daily mentoring advice quote.

I hope this course provides guidance and support in your journey forward.


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