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Achieving Real Growth – Laying The Foundations for Enduring Growth

Real growth compounds year after year and always builds upon what has gone before. No effort is wasted and everything, failures and successes, are invested in stepping the business closer to its customers and further away from its competitors.

Richard Shrapnel's 'Achieving Real Growth' guide front cover
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This Guide

This guide walks you through the growth stages of expansion, monitoring and creation, allowing you to become purposely focused on customer value thereby exponentially expanding market share and capital value for your business. It provides the framework to undertake and the roadmap to act.

What is Real Growth?

When business leaders turn their minds to growth they should only be considering what I term real sustainable growth. Real sustainable growth is growth that continues year after year, that builds upon what has gone before, and which takes a business to a great level of competitive strength and profitability. It represents growth that compounds year after year and thereby builds a growing momentum as each year passes.

Most efforts for growth are wasted in that they:

  • Are not focused on customer value.
  • Are not directed to building competitiveness.
  • Are short-term in their perspective.
  • Fail to capture the benefits of compounding.

Real sustainable growth is not readily obtained and requires a commitment from business leaders to work with their business over a period of time in building the competencies and culture that underpin this growth. The reward, however, is the ability to continually step-out from your competitors.

Real sustainable growth enables leaders and their enterprises to achieve and maintain a market position that competitors find almost impossible to assault. Once a competitor has a handle on how to effectively compete with your business, you have already stepped out and once again they must strive to appreciate and reach your position.

Needless to say, real sustainable growth goes well beyond a simple focus on increasing sales each month or increasing profit by slashing overheads. Real sustainable growth describes a business that is consciously aware of its competitive posture,  the value it delivers to its customers and is focused on building its competitive fitness everyday.

Coming Soon

Achieving Real Growth is due to be released in 2021.

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