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Going Broke Staying Sane (printed)

Strategies for when things don't go as expected in business.

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This simple guide is for those in business who are confronted with the loss of their business in this season in which we are living. I hope it will support you to journey forward through this adversity and emerge more or less intact. There will be scars, that is the nature of adversity, but finding that solid footing again, scars and all, is what your goal should be.

No one has experienced what is presently occurring in our communities, our businesses and around the world. But adversity is not new, and many of us have been challenged in our lives and our businesses in all sorts of ways.

What has worked and has not worked in overcoming adversity and challenges is our reference point. And this reference point can provide an anchor and a pathway forward to those who may need it and those who are seeking to support others.

What follows comes from my formal learnings, personal experiences and through helping others.

There are simple guiding principles that will anchor you in a position of stability and thereafter strengthen and enable you to plot the safest and most effective path forward. They are common sense, but that does not mean that in times of adversity that they will be to the forefront of your thinking, nor easy to sustain.

This guide explains these seven principles so you may adopt them in your journey forward.


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