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Compete – An Entirely New Level of Performance

A competitively fit business outpaces its competitors. Everything about it is designed to ensure it wins at every point. Its leaders know what to focus on and where to direct their efforts. It can't be beaten. It understands its competitive engine and drives it to peak performance.

Richard Shrapnel's 'COMPETE - An Entirely New Level of Performance'
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This Guide

A design guide that will explain and direct you on how to build a competitively fit business. One that is always evolving, reinventing itself, and always stepping out. It explains the agents that comprise a competitively fit business, their interaction and interdependencies and how to influence them. It unpacks the engine that drives the competitiveness of any business.

Learn To Compete

Think for a moment of your favourite sporting team. Each week during their season they go out onto the field to play, to compete, to win. Every week it is against a different team but probably a team whom they know. Every week it is probably in a different location but a location they are likely familiar with. Some weeks they excel and walk all over their competitors and other weeks they just can’t seem to be able to do anything right. They train and drill every week but sometimes it all just goes against them.

We want our favourite team to win but we understand sometimes they don’t. Often we look to their coach and ask what he/she is doing wrong (and sometimes we think we know), but there are many factors that influence the team’s ability to win – capability, motivation, coordination, attitude and quite simply the team’s intent to overcome any obstacle in their way! The effort must be on building the team’s ability and intent to win no matter against who or where or what hurdles they may face. They have to be able to out-think and out-play their opponents, no matter how strong they may be, every time they walk onto that playing field. This is the stuff that makes great teams and is the legacy of great coaches.

Pause for a moment and think about your business. Your business is no different to your favourite sporting team, except they walk onto the playing field every working day, year after year. What are you doing to build the competitive strength of your business?

There is an engine that drives the competitiveness of any business. Any leader who wants to be successful must understand the components of that engine, how they interact and seek to build and strengthen each component continuously.

If your business is losing the competitive battle, if things just don’t seem to be going right, if the passion and energy has just evaporated or never existed, if you want to leave your competitors behind and capture your marketplace, then look to and build the competitive engine that drives your business.

Act Now

Is your business competitively fit? Does it know how to compete and win every day or every year?
Compete – An Entirely New Level of Performance is due to be released in March 2019.

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