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Creating A Powerful Movement In Your Team


What Makes A Great Speaker?

I have spoken to audiences small and large – from board meetings to global gatherings – about strategy, growth, competitiveness, leadership, innovation, succession and financial management.

I have addressed audiences diverse in age, nationality and profession at speaking engagements across Australia, China, Malaysia, Philippines, Panama, Singapore and the USA.  While my written works have, to date, been published in English, French, Korean, Russian and Spanish.

What I have found across all these experiences is that a great speaker has the ability to engage with their audience with genuine passion, to connect heart and mind, to own their content and has the ability to speak with a depth of authority on their topic, all whilst reading their audience well.


Richard’s Audience Impact:

“Dynamic, very passionate and knowledgeable.”

“Thought-provoking, intelligent and articulate.”

“Extremely compelling, enabling him to quickly engage audiences.”

“Particularly strong in leading audiences on a journey of discovery and reflection.”

“Speaks with authority and really owns his content.”


Create A Powerful Movement In Your Team

From a company-wide gathering to a meeting of senior leaders or managers, to a board retreat, I can work with you to take your business to new heights and create a powerful movement in your team.

Keynote themes for 2017:


To become great requires something more than just talent.

In every business, at its core, is a competitive engine. A dynamic that will determine how successful it can be. The engine creates an energy throughout the entire business, impacting your strength to compete and thrive.

No matter how young or old, no matter how large or small your business is, even if you’re not aware of its existence, this competitive engine sets the floor and ceiling to your success. It holds the answer to your performance and your performance problems.

A strong resilient engine creates a business that is competitively fit and tactically alive. A business that can move, adapt, shift, outpace and out-perform its competitors. Your markets and your customers may change, but the competitive engine will ensure your business predicts, adapts, and continues to grow.

A business that understands and focuses on its competitive engine is also one that is highly profitable and compounds capital value. Not by putting profit or capital value first but by ensuring the dynamics of the competitive engine are never neglected.

Strength your engine, and your competitors will never catch you. Get it wrong, and your momentum grinds to a halt.

Impact: Empowering your leadership team to take your business to an entirely new level of performance through knowing what really drives the competitiveness of your organisation and being able to influence it.



Successful people can have a profound effect on your organisation, and they exist at every level of your business.

They are a light to whom others are drawn and can fulfil an invaluable and critical leadership role through:

  • Developing other people’s ability to be successful.
  • Connecting others with your organisation’s purpose and goals at the individual, team, corporate and community level.
  • Leading by example and creating a culture of success.

Imagine the competitive strength of your business if more people felt connected to their work and successful in their lives.

When it comes to being successful, attitude is the starting point. And attitude is everything. Success is an enabler drawing our best to the surface.  It comes from within, is a renewable resource, and is available to every one of us.

There are a set of traits that reflect the attitude and daily habits of Achievers, people who are highly successful. These Achiever Traits can grow within each one of us allowing success to be an enduring attribute.

Ensuring success is something which everyone in your business experiences will take your business to new heights.

Impact: Creating success as an individual attribute across all levels of your organisation and creating a massive momentum in the contribution of every person in your business.



The next 10 years represent an unprecedented era of risk and opportunity. By 2025 the Baby Boomers generation will be aged between 61 and 79. The value of businesses that they currently control globally is valued in the trillions of dollars. The effectiveness of their transition of management and control will set the fortunes for succeeding generations, write the history of their businesses, may well impact economies around the world, and, most importantly, may directly impact your business’s revenue and market value.

Almost every franchise business and anyone selling into trade industries, transport and logistics operators, and food and beverage suppliers are just a few examples of the industries that count privately-owned business as a core customer segment.  If your business model relies upon the contribution of privately-owned businesses for its success, then you are at risk and should invest in their ability to manage this transition.

At present, only some 15% of the Baby Boomer generation of business owners globally have completed their succession plans. But the success strategies, dynamics and barriers of effective transition are known.

A topography of the journey of succession is a powerful way to communicate these learnings and to connect generations in the transition of a business. This topography will initiate and guide the transition process for this critical network and customer segment.

Consider investing in the success of your business by investing in the success of your network and customers’ businesses.

Impact: A topography to underpin the transition of your core network and customers’ businesses will underpin their businesses’ success and therefore yours, while also reinforcing your relationship with them.



All keynote presentations are tailored to meet the specific needs of your team and business. I can also design and develop keynotes from the ground up to address individual needs.

Please get in touch for more information.


Engage Advisory

Pragmatic, Leading Edge, Insightful and Inspiring

My approach is always pragmatic whereby I seek to quickly get to the heart of the matter. I believe complexity must be reduced to clarity, and insight and understanding quickly established.

I work with businesses and individuals across the fields of strategy, growth and competitiveness. They are interrelated and are interwoven with leadership.

I often create tailored frameworks to guide analysis and discussion, and to allow action and momentum to be quickly built and continued once my active involvement has concluded.

I undertake a limited number of advisory roles but would welcome your enquiry.

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