Speaker – Facilitator – Coach – Trainer – Writer – Advisor

Creating A Powerful Movement
for Individuals, Leaders and Businesses

Active Knowledge – Driving Action & Inspiring Momentum

Pragmatic, Insightful and Inspiring

My goal is to enable success through knowledge and inspiration for individuals, leaders and through into their businesses.

I work with individuals, teams and business-wide through the most appropriate mode of enablement – Presentations, Facilitation, Coaching, Training, Guides and Resources and Advisory services.

I have addressed audiences from global conferences to boardrooms. These audiences, at speaking engagements across Australia, China, Malaysia, Philippines, Panama, Singapore and the USA, have been diverse in age, nationality and profession.

Here is some of the feedback from the audiences:

  • ‘Dynamic, very passionate and knowledgeable.’
  • ‘Thought-provoking, intelligent and articulate.’
  • ‘Extremely compelling, enabling him to quickly engage audiences.’
  • ‘Particularly strong in leading audiences on a journey of discovery and reflection.’
  • ‘Speaks with authority and really owns his content.’

To date, my written works have been published in English, French, Korean, Russian and Spanish and applied in businesses around the world.


Active Knowledge Events are 20-30 minute video presentations. They are designed to deliver understanding and insights and enable you to gain knowledge that will drive action.

These events cover a wide range of specific topics within the following streams:

  • Personal Achievement
  • Business Performance
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Leadership Performance
  • Business Strategy
  • Family Business Succession.

Recorded Events