Become Great

'Developing undefeatable strategies, achieving real growth, creating decisive competitiveness and becoming tactically alive, these are the traits of great businesses'.

Richard Shrapnel's 'Creating Undefeatable Business Strategies' chart
Richard Shrapnel's 'Real Growth' chart
Richard Shrapnel's 'Competitive Engine' Chart
Richard Shrapnel's Tactically Alive chart

The Secrets of Business Success

There is no science behind achieving business success. There is no prewritten formula which if one follows, success will be guaranteed. If there was then anyone and everyone could build great businesses.

But there is an art and there are clear principles which provide succinct and unequivocal guidance to be studied and mastered.

These principles not only highlight those areas where business leaders should focus in building a great business but they also provide insights to solving any performance issues that a leader may face in growing their business. These principles will provide the basis for:

  • Developing undefeatable strategies.
  • Achieving real sustainable growth.
  • Creating decisive competitiveness.
  • Becoming tactically alive.

A business leader must:

  • Firstly, teach and lead their business to think and act strategically.
  • Secondly, develop an understanding and appreciation of what real sustainable growth is and how to attain it.
  • Thirdly, grow and craft an organisation that really understands what it takes to compete effectively and develop a passion to strive to achieve it day after day.
  • And, only after these first three stages are achieved can a leader hope to begin to lead their business towards formlessness where their competitors can simply not catch up or even discern their next competitive move.

Business leadership is a never-ending journey of learning and practice as these principles are applied, and the depth and understanding of the leader and their organisation continually develops and importantly compounds. This is the path for the creation and growth of great businesses.


Undefeatable Strategies

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Real Growth

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Decisive Competitiveness

Competitiveness is the ability of your business to deliver on what it takes to win. Winning in business is all about delivering greater value than anyone else. It is about adaptability and agility but, more importantly, it’s about identifying where…

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Tactically Alive

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