Outpacing Your Competitors

Think for a moment of your favourite sporting team.

Each week during their season they go out onto the field to play, to compete, to win. Every week it is against a different team but probably a team whom they know. Every week it is probably in a different location but a location they are likely familiar with. Some weeks they excel and walk all over their competitors and other weeks they just can’t seem to do anything right. They train and drill every week but sometimes it all just goes against them.

Your business is no different to your favourite sporting team, except you walk onto the playing field every working day, year after year. Do you ever pause and think, what am I doing to improve the competitiveness of my team?

Are you confident that your team has got it right and is training to out-compete the best? Take the following five-minute self-assessment to get a benchmark snapshot of your business against global best practices.

Upon completion you will be emailed your results and a report summarising the importance of each question you answered.