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The Complete Set

The entire set of guides, a roadmap to amazing personal achievement and business success.

This Set:

This bundled set includes all five guides:

  • Compete – An Entirely New Level Of Performance:

There exists an entirely new level of performance for your business.
A level where it is competitively fit and the focus of the entire business is on outcompeting everyone else in your chosen market.
It is not gained by focusing on profit, that is an outcome, it is achieved by understanding what drives the competitiveness of any business and making that your focus.

  • Strategy Play – Crafting Undefeatable Business Strategy:

Strategy Play is an invaluable resource for any business leader who wants to create a great business with enduring profits and compounding capital value. This guide will provide you with the foundation to understand strategy, a detailed roadmap and workbook to craft your strategy, and the tools to make sure it is delivered.

  • C88 – Leadership Performance:

C88 is an integrated leadership performance journal. It will lead you through the drivers of business success while allowing you to benchmark your leadership performance and develop, execute and assess your tailored development plan.

  • Transition – Orienteering The Lands Of Succession:

Transitioning your business is the most important capital transaction you will undertake. It’s your life’s work and your future wealth, don’t risk it. Learn from others that have already trodden this path. Learn from their experience, their mistakes and their successes. Take control and be the author of your business’s history and future fortune.

  • Achieve – Creating A Life Of Enduring Success:

Success is the fuel of life, it’s an enabler, a renewable resource and our prize to be claimed. It does not come through chance, it’s earned through hard work but every one of us can craft a life of enduring success. A life in which you continually grow and build from one success to another, in a never-ending journey of fulfilment.

Sample extracts of each guide may be found in the individual guide section under the Resources page.


Act Now

This bundle set represents the best value possible and will provide you with the foundations and roadmaps to build a life of enduring achievements and amazing business success. Don’t lose another moment and commence this journey today, buy this set now.


Buy Now – What You Receive

There are three options:

  1. Digital – immediate download and print your own copies.

Five colour guides – 276-page, 2 x 200-page, 188-page and 116-page – PDF format, which you can immediately download to start your journey without a pause, and print a copy of each if you wish. This is a single user licence for one digital copy and one printed copy of each guide.

  1. Printed – colour guide and spiral-bound workbooks.

These five right-sized guides/workbooks will allow you the convenience to craft and plan your future in easy to carry and beautifully designed guides. It is also a perfect gift for anyone you want to encourage and support.

  1. Combined – the best of both worlds, both the digital and printed editions.

Immediate download so you can start working within seconds of buying the set. And the colour guide and spiral-bound workbooks, on their way within a day of your order. This option is truly the best of both worlds: digital and printed.


Note: all prices are in Australian dollars (AUD) and do not include GST or postage where applicable – these will be calculated at checkout. Delivery by international air-parcel postage, or domestic parcel post, from Australia.


In addition, you will also gain membership to the Entrepreneurs+ Community and receive a weekly subscription to ‘Compete Weekly’, an e-newsletter that provides unique insights on strategy, growth, competitiveness and leadership. It will teach you how to make your business competitively fit and take its performance to an entirely new level.


Active Knowledge Guides

These guides are purposefully designed to create an informed roadmap to direct you to the heart of the matter quickly, and then act. They will:

  • Save you time.
  • Provide the knowledge you need.
  • Allow considered thought.
  • Deliver clarity.
  • Remove doubt.
  • Build confidence.
  • Initiate action.

Each guide is a crafted workbook developed to support you to take yourself and your business to greater heights.

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