Going Broke Staying Sane – Live Online (Free Admission)

The COVID-19 lockdowns have devastated the owners and families of many businesses. This impacted community is very large and diverse and includes individuals and families from all walks of life, age groups and cultures.

Many have lost all hope and have no idea how to move forward or where to turn for help.

‘Going Broke Staying Sane’ is a working guide for those confronted with the loss of their business, and everything that will be lost along with it. It is a guide for facing adversity, journeying through and emerging scarred but intact and stronger.

It is a strategy, health and motivational guide captured in seven principles to anchor you in a position of stability and then strengthen and enable you to plot the safest and most effective path forward. They are common sense, but that does not mean that in difficult times they will be at the forefront of your thinking, nor easy to sustain.

This Live Online presentation is for those confronted with the loss of their business or seeking to support someone who is, and I will outline the seven principles and their importance in overcoming adversity and starting again.

This presentation will be hosted on Vimeo Live with a Q&A (chat) facility. The registration confirmation you will receive from Eventbrite will contain the link to attend the event. We will commence promptly at the advertised start time with a 20 minute presentation and 10 minute question time.  Please use the chat to ask any questions that you may have during the course of the presentation, and I will seek to answer these during the question period.

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